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Guild Message of the Day - March 7th
Check in game calendar for raid postings.

Tuesday Nite Nerds Showcase

Dragonswrath achievement
ragnaros kill group
Shannox (10)
Omnotron Defense System (25 Man)
Maloriak (25 Man)
Valiona & Theralion (25 Man)
Magmaw (25 Man)
Atramedes (25 Man)
Halfus Wormbreaker (25 Man)

Tuesday Nite Nerds News

By: Staraynne - March 24th

Deathwing down

Grats to the nerds on getting DS completed.

By: Staraynne - February 29th


All Nerds are invited to be on vent on Tuesday the 6th we are having a meeting on vent at 7:30p.m.Our run will be directly after at 8.

By: Staraynne - February 12th

Ragnaros DOWN

Congratualtions to the Nerds on getting a Ragnaros kill!

By: Staraynne - February 12th

Dragonswrath Legendary Staff

Congratulations to Companda on receiving the legendary staff!

By: Sidmania - January 25th

pics from history of nerds. the original LK kill squad.

i added some screens of the team that went in and took down LK on 10man for the first time in TNN. it was a flawless 'textbook' kill. good times...

By: Destroyall - October 7th

Nerds Rockin Firelands

Grats Nerds on 6 Of 7 in FireLands!!!!

By: Sidmania - September 14th

Heroic Mode?

I was wondering if we are going to attempt Heroic modes of the 3 initial raids. It seems like the next logical step as learning mechanics is always good and H gear is not too bad. better than 359 anyways.

By: Staraynne - July 26th

Shannox 10man down

Grats to the Nerds for downing Shannox on Sunday!

  • Destroyall: GRATS GUYS
By: Staraynne - July 3rd

End bosses are down!

Nefarian, Cho'gall and Al'Akir all down tonite. way to go nerds

  • Corpsemonger: niiice!
  • Shhamwow: hey guys its shhamwow..just letting you know i didnt quit issues be on in less than a month to rock the world!
By: Staraynne - June 27th

Chimaera 25 man down

Grats on getting down chimaera last nite Nerds

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